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Świebodzin, Lubuskie

The property is located in Świebodzin, lubuskie voivodeship. Warehouse and production facility is located in the eastern part of the city, next to road no. 303 relation Świebodzin-Babimost, near the national road no. 92. The distance to the S3 expressway (Świebodzin-Południe interchange) is 2 km, and about 10 km to the A2 motorway (Jordanowo interchange). The whole plot area is 11,58 ha. The building is currently under general renovation - the core stays the same, however the floor slab, roof and walls are being refurbished.

General data

Production and warehouse area 15 600 m2
Office and social space 2 337 m2 
Total area 17 937 m2
Description of previous activity on the property Food production
Description of the building Warehouse and production
Location Świebodzin
Public transportation Yes
Price of the property Please contact us

Technical data of the property

    • - Wszystkie przyłącza mediów – prąd, woda, gaz, kanalizacja
    • - Przyłącze energetyczne – 7 MW
    • - Wysokość budynków: w zależności od części zabudowy – od 4,88m do 9,70m
    • - Konstrukcja żelbetowa hali
    • - Place manewrowe, parkingi, miejsca na potencjalną rozbudowę
    • - Samodzielny budynek biurowy i socjalny
    • - Obciążenie podłogi 5 T/m2
    • - Doki załadunkowe, bramy wjazdowe na poziomie „0”
Warehouse Area

Grid (m)

Clear height (m)

Floor loading (t/m)

Has sprinklers

Has crossdock

Has smoke flaps


Has railway siding

Has light production

Świebodzin - nieruchomość produkcyjno magazynowa 12.00 x 22.50 None 5,00





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The best offer for tenants


When you are looking for a warehouse or production area for rent, you should be aware of whole process complexity, which consist of several steps. Problems appear at the level of clarifying needs and defining specific expectations. Meanwhile, tenant has to face a whole series of negotiations, which should be terminated in gainful way for him. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a strategy, which will enable obtaining as many benefits as possible. In this case knowledge of consultant may become invaluable and save a lot of tenant’s time.

How much does leasing a warehouse cost?


Apart from the rent rate, one should consider maintenance fees, that is service charges and costs of utilities. The maintenance fees are composed of all the services related to the maintenance of a warehouse property and the park’s common land, such as: security, snow clearance and cleaning.